Partnerprogram: Influencer


A total of 30.00% of our net profit flows into our influencer pool.

Every influencer with at least 5,000 followers or subscribers, depending on the platform, will be considered for participation in the influencer pool.


Every influencer partnered with us receives their own influencer partner code. 

For sales via an influencer's partner code, the respective influencer receives another 20% of the profit as commission on a monthly basis.

Advertising materials

We provide our partners with all the necessary advertising material to share new content in connection with GreenLiving on social media approximately every two weeks. Whether news or new projects, through our partners we keep our community up to date.

Current Number of Partners:

0 of (max.) 20

Sum Follower of our Partner (rounded):

0 of 50.000

Balance Influencer-Pool (28.02.2024):

EUR: 0,00 of 2.500,00

Influencer-Pool Level:

1 of 10

General Comments on the Influencer-Pool:

The amount that is allocated to the Influencer-Pool depends on two factors "Sum Follower of our Partner" and "Balance Influencer-Pool". There are 10 levels in total. When the limits of the current level are reached, the next higher targets are automatically displayed.

Our partners are listed below, sorted according to the respective social media:


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Twitter / X

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