Roof greening

Whether flat, normal or pitched roof. There is the right approach for all conditions to transform your roof into a green oasis for people, animals and souls.

Facade Greening

A green façade has been scientifically proven many times over to bring countless benefits for residents and the environment. Whether as an additional insulating layer or as a home for insects and birds. The advantages of a green façade are numerous.

Privacy- and Noise Protection

Do you want an aesthetic approach to create privacy or simply reduce ambient noise? You have come to the right place. With our diverse solutions, we will find an approach customized to your needs to reduce disruptive factors and create privacy.

Outdoor Green- and Livingwall

We offer the right solutions not only for every room in the house, but also for outdoors to contribute to a better ambient climate.

Consultation appointments

Do you also want more greenery in your home? Write to us and arrange a non-binding consultation. 
We look forward to hear from you. Your GreenLiving team.